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See what other people are saying about our Veri Vancouver apartments! At Veri Vancouver Luxury Living, we value all our residents voices, and can’t wait for you to see our luxury apartments for yourself.


We currently live here and aside from a few "silly" rules (made necessary by stupid people!) we couldn't be happier. The management loves dogs and keeps treats for them in the office!


Great place to live! Lori makes the move in easy and is always helpful!


I lived here for a year and a half and my experience was great! I unfortunately had to move to be closer to work, otherwise I would have stayed here for much longer. My favorite thing about these apartments was the property manager Lori. She is on top of everything, quick to respond, no nonsense but still delightful! Whenever I have had a maintenance call, it was answered quickly and they were very respectful of my home and pets. There is tons of storage space, and I have not had an issue with parking since the construction stopped. The construction was very difficult to deal with and went on much longer than they originally planned, but it is all done now and I don't think there will be any big projects like that for a while! Overall, this place was great and I would recommend it to a friend.


My father is the maintanice worker everytime he get a call about anything at the property he is fast to get back to you and quick to help.He has worked here for 3 months and loves his job. His boss is Lori (The property manager) Is friendly and does what she can to help. MY dad seems very happy working for Shaffer and associates. He and his boss Lori make a good team.



I lived here for several months while shopping for and then buying a house in Vancouver. The apartments are spacious, affordable, and the staff was wonderful. Management went the extra mile for residents and maintenance issues were handled promptly. If I could change anything, though, it would have been to flip the floor plan of the apartment. Who thought it would be a good idea to have the bedrooms facing the parking lots? No way to avoid noise from cars starting up, especially in the summer when windows are open. I lived upstairs, and I could easily see into my downstairs neighbor's bedroom if she left her blinds open as I went up the stairs to my front door. Otherwise, it was conveniently located, and if you have small kids, there's a childcare center right on site.

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